DWIGHT DAVIS, MTh                   

Brief personal sketch of Dwight Davis:

Dwight grew up in a Godly Christian home with strong Christian parents and was saved at age 5.  He surrendered for special service at age 12 and has intensely sought the Lord all of his life.  Dwight surrendered to preach at age 17 and has been an ordained minister for over 39 years.  He received his BTh and MTh in Christology and went on to teach and direct in a Bible College for several years.

Dwight was previously on the evangelistic field for several years and was the producer and Bible speaker for the daily Spirit of the Word broadcasts on 6 radio stations in the United States in the early 80s.

While Dwight has pastored several small churches during the 80s, and has been involved as an adult teaching pastor and in education for a number or years.  Dwight has been a regular Bible Conference speaker and is in the process of translating the entire New Testament from the Greek during the last 23 years.     He has been writing seasoned Christ-centered articles for over 36 years for hungry hearts as well as for a world-wide Christian publication.  He is the published author of two Christian Books, The Christ-Life as Your Life and Christ-Life Doctrinal Truth.

Dwight earnestly focuses on "Jesus Christ and Him Crucified" (I Cor. 2:2).  For this is the key to rightly dividing the word to keep from commingling law and religion into the grace that we have received through His life in us as us and the finished work of the cross for us.

It is my prayer that you will come to fully know Christ, who lives in you as your only life, and that Christ in you will be well pleasing to the Father with His love-for-others Spirit and expression in your earthen vessel.

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